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What is KINRGY?

KINRGY is a dance-driven method designed for a whole-self experience, created by Emmy Award Winning Choreographer Julianne Hough. Inspired by the elements, the method takes you through an invigorating journey of dance cardio, breathwork, visualization and meditation to foster a sense of freedom and relief from our busy and oftentimes stressful world. KINRGY helps free your mind, sculpt your body, and ignite your soul. We are ALL born to dance. KINRGY is not about perfection, it's about expression. Through intentional and powerful movement, you will receive much more than just a dance workout – The method gives you the tools that are already within you to transform holistically from the inside out. As you connect back to your truest, most authentic self, you can then relate to yourself and others without judgement and experience the world in its most pure form – love.


Can I experience KINRGY in person?

Currently, we are only offering digital classes through our website at KINRGY.com. Please stay tuned for in person events and dance cardio classes!


How much space do I need for class?

You'll need about two yoga mats worth of floor space. Enough room to spin and reach out without hitting anything!


How do I register for class?

Visit KINRGY.com, select LIVE or on-demand, then select the class of your choice and then “Join.” You will be prompted to join as a drop in or sign up for a subscription, $30 per month gets you unlimited KINRGY X, CARVE, CONNECT and more!


Do you have a membership or only pay by class option?

Both! Join as us a drop in or for $30/month get unlimited KINRGY X, CARVE, CONNECT and more!Yes


What does it mean to say we are nature by nature?

All the elements live within us and around us. We are NATURE BY NATURE. When we integrate and understand the elements within us, we can move naturally, live authentically and reconnect to our true nature, true power and true self. We will talk more about this in classes! Tune in to learn more.


What is an elemental constitution? How can I find mine?

It is understanding how the elements find balance in your body. Each of us have all the elements in different amounts that make up our character. The more we understand our true nature, the more intelligently we can make choices to keep ourselves in balance. Stay connected to us as we will be releasing the KINRGY Elemental Constitution Quiz in one of our workshops soon!


What is a primary element?

Your primary element is the element that has the qualities that you relate to the most. It’s how others see you and connects to how you show up in social situations.


I feel light headed when I get to the air section of class, what causes this?

As humans we are poor breathers in general! Doing this class requires a lot of conscious deep breathing which at first can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to your body. You are flooding oxygen into your bloodstream and brain which can cause dizziness and lightheadedness. This feeling you’re having is normal so don’t be alarmed. Simply take it slow and know that you can always take breaks and return to our normal rhythm of breathing.


I feel light headed doing some of the breath patterns, any recommendations?

If you ever feel lightheaded or dizzy take a few natural breaths and only join back in with the breathing exercises when you feel ok doing so. Listen to your body. We never want to push ourselves when it comes to breathwork, let it be a slow progression that you practice with patience. Just know that the more you practice the less intense you will feel from it.


I have an injury and cannot do the floor workouts. How can I modify this section of class? Is there an option to do it standing?

We would have to know more about your injury to give you proper modification reccommendations. However, you are welcome to move within your personal range while standing and mainly just stay connected to the breath (inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth like you’re blowing a kiss) and to your imagination! Dive deep into the fire water, and really activate your senses - What does it feel/look/taste/smell/sound like?


I am pregnant, can I still do KINRGY?

Of course! One of our Founding Guides, Christine, experienced training and toured with Oprah, all while pregnant! If the movement feels too intense, you can focus more on the breath and imagination and still reach the KINRGY state.


How do I become a KINRGY Guide?

Make sure you subscribe to our email list and follow us on social @kinrgy to stay updated on all opportunities to get involved!


How do I contact KINRGY?

If you have a question about a purchase, please contact Support@KINRGY.com. For all other inquiries, please contact WeListen@KINRGY.com

For questions about shipping and returns, please visit "Shipping and Returns" at shop.KINRGY.com