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Understanding Your Elemental Constitution Copy Copy Copy

by: Anna Dickson
18th October - 2021 / 2 min read

We are Nature by Nature.

All the natural elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air – live within us and around us. When we understand and harmonize the elements within us, we create and restore balance to live most joyfully and authentically.

We are all made up of our own unique elemental constitution. By understanding your elemental constitution and applying the laws of nature to your life, you will foster mind-body-soul integration and live your most optimal life each and every day.

To find out your elemental constitution, download the QUIZ here!

Understanding Your Elemental Constitution

Your highest score is your primary element,
your second highest score is your secondary element,
your third highest score is your stabilizing element,
and your fourth highest score is your opposing element.

Your primary element is your SOCIAL nature. This is your predominant element, most noticeable to you and others.

Your secondary element is found in a deeper layer of your being and is expressed through your CREATIVE and authentic self-expression.

Your stabilizing element brings harmony and STRENGTH to your primary and secondary elements.

Your opposing element brings corrective BALANCE to your primary element.

The Power of Balance

Your primary element + secondary element = your most creative self

Your secondary element + stabilizing element = your most sensual self

Your stabilizing element + opposing element = your soul’s unique purpose

When all elements are harmonized, you can freely live in your highest power and express your truest essence.

Dive deeper into each element:

Let’s return to what’s natural and reconnect to our true nature, true power, and true self. 

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Anna Dickson