Our founder, Julianne, created KINRGY as a method to help us unlock self-expression and freedom amidst an oftentimes stressful, suppressed, and perfectionistic world through dance fitness.

We’re breaking the confines of traditional fitness

As a professional dancer who traveled the world working with the best choreographers, competing on television, and performing in packed arenas, Julianne was no stranger to pressure, stress and perfectionism.

But through dance fitness, self-reflection, and meditation she found catharsis and freedom that helped her breakthrough limiting beliefs and tap into her authentic power. No matter the challenge, the heartache or the setbacks, dance and movement allowed her to express, overcome and connect back to her authentic joy.

Created in 2018

Wanting to share her practice, Julianne created KINRGY in 2018. She wanted to create something that broke away from fitness classes that focused on perfection, and instead create a modality to encourage authentic expression, emotional healing, play, and personal transformation from the inside out.

Debuting on the Oprah tour in 2019

KINRGY launched on the Oprah Tour in 2019, and the online platform sprung to life as a response to the pandemic in 2020. Today, KINRGY is experienced by thousands on a daily basis via our online platform, special global events and in-person classes.

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